YOU make the difference


Reminding us to take action

The Totem-3-Unity is addressing to both adolescents and adults and is composed of three elements :

The tallest element contains the 3 attitudes to life which are universal, do not exclude and speak to all of us :

  • Mutual Respect - of vital importance [Wederzijds Respect / Le Respect Mutuel]
    It is all about really trying to understand each other through dialogue and active listening.
    Our view of reality is often a matter of perspective, of focus, of context.

  • Sincere friendship - the roots of human solidarity [Oprechte Vriendschap / L’Amitié Sincère]
    It is all about commitment towards one another through a return to inter-human contacts.
    This applies to both NOW and future generations as well to mankind as to mother earth.

  • Equality in dignity - the very core of our civilization [Gelijk in waadigheid / L’Egalité Dans la Dignité]
    It is all about our thinking and acting through appropriate responses without (pre)judgments.
    A behavior without distinction of any kind or nature, status or origin.


The smallest element translates Mutual Respect into an adolescents adapted wording EN­­‑NL­‑FR

  • Playing together and sharing together – Samen spelen, samen delen – Jouer ensemble et partager


The average length element is without inscriptions and invites us to project our own attitudes on the pole.


It is a beacon people pass every day but hopefully they will not ignore it. This beacon reminds us to take action for a better world with more commitment, more commons sense and more responsibility of each of us.

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