YOU make the difference


Mutual Respect by example

UnitedHumans Award for Mutual Respect 


Yearly Award granted to a person, persons, associations or organizations applying the Attitudes to life in a sustainable or a leading and remarkable way or having en effective impact on society.

In this way we put the spotlights on the laureates and they give het UnitedHumans project a “face”.

2014 - Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet received the UnitedHumans Award 2014 for Mutual Respect in the House of Members of the Belgian Parliament.

Both choreographers make the difference in a leading and remarkable way, by applying mutual respect in their artistic creations, resulting into an effective impact on society. Larbi and Damien have been working closely together on the Babel production where they focus on the multiple identities we all are made up and which are often the cause of the (in)ability to better understand each other. Both laureates are cosmopolitans, members of mankind, working in a spirit of sincere friendship between everyone through a return to inter‑human contacts making the world a better place.

2015 - Marouane Fellaini and Abdellatif Fellaini received the UnitedHumans Award 2015 for Mutual Respect on the occasion of a “pitstop” by Marouane in Knokke with family and friends.

The prize was awarded in appreciation for the perseverance and work ethic which Abdellatif, former goalkeeper, has passed on to Marouane in the development of his career. Important in the choice of the laureates is their social commitment, outside the spotlight, where personal involvement, sustainability and an attitude of progress stimulating thinking are included as basic ingredients. Loyalty, openness and kindness are keywords when describing this well-connected family who is standing up and speaking up.

2016 - Dirk Brossé and Jef Neve received the UnitedHumans Award 2016 for Mutual Respect in the hemicycle of the Belgian Senate.

Their international experiences give them a broad perspective on society in which every person has a place and a responsibility. The work of Dirk and Jef, which usually covers actual themes, is universal but also very pronounced. It is full of human emotions and feelings as revenge and hope, hate and love, sorrow and happiness and we recognize a message of openness and optimism. Both laureates are great artists directly linking music to an engaged lifestyle, promoting mutual respect as a lever without (pre)judgements but which is so needed to really understand each other.

2017 - Greg Van Avermaet

The prize was awarded in recognition of the sustained efforts, the years of focus and top performances that were crowned with a series of brilliant victories. With many leadership skills, a sense of responsibility and mutual respect for the team around him, our laureate has always been able to finish as Golden Greg, who is inspired by the quote of Frank Ocean: "Work hard in silence, let succes make the noise!".

An exceptional example for many generations: YOU make the difference.

2018 - HRH Princess Claire

The main motivation is her continued attention and efforts for the very different aspects of society, including the disadvantaged people, for whom mutual respect, or the good listening to each other in order to really understand each other, is the lever to regain control of life.

HRH Princess Claire has chosen NASCI, center for infant aid to get 5.000 EUR, collected as gifts to the UnitedHumans Donation Cercle at the King Baudouin Foundation.

HRH Prins Laurent represented HRH Princess Claire during the UnitedHumans Award ceremony.

Pictures by Koen Broos

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